We design

The dreaming

We pick up where your dreams leave off. We’ll work together to clarify, intensify, strengthen, and develop your vision before bringing it to life. We don’t just want you happy, we want you freaking-out elated. Getting this reaction from you up-front is well worth the effort.

The doing

As much as we love dreaming with you, we enjoy the work it takes to make it real just as much. With over 20 years of expertise and a small-but-powerful team of tireless professionals, we do the heavy lifting (even if the heaviest thing we actually lift are full mugs of coffee).

The delivering

Our work isn’t done with the final renderings. We serve as guiding advocates between you, your builder, and the community until the keys are in your hands (as we stew in our secret jealousy and envy over your new digs).

Sally Sutherland

Co-Founder, Practice Director

Maggie Warrell

Associate - Interiors

Annelise Brown


Eat. Design. Sleep. Design. Repeat.

1. Our only dogma is process

The only preconceived ideal we stick to is our process, which is based on the care and best interests of the client and hold true to timeless architectural principles. Other than that, we’re versed enough in our craft to create any style of dwelling that fits the design goals of any given project.

2. Embracing the digital age

Today, thanks to social media and digital tools such as Pinterest, and Instagram, everyone is an armchair designer. Some firms feel threatened by this. We welcome it and incorporate your tastes and proclivities into the process.

3. If it's right, it's communicable

There must be a solid explanation behind every architectural choice. If it can’t be clearly communicated, it probably deserves a second look.

4. Small, on purpose

We have a small crew and plan on keeping it that way. Familiarity is our differentiator. We’re on a first-name basis with those we work with and we answer our own phone. Our culture is driven by a warm, familial environment that accompanies our expertise.

5. Relate, don't conquer

Architecture must seek to place us within our natural environment, rather than in a position of conqueror of the environment. We believe buildings should fully utilise the natural systems and cycles of wind, water and sunlight.

6. Design is Discourse

Finally, and most importantly – Architecture is borne out of discussion. We seek to be lovingly frank and fearless as we pull ideas apart and collaborate. Architecture is not produced by a single hand, but through a relationship where all parties contribute, express doubt, test, improve (and, of course, celebrate together).

7. Trust is non-negotiable

Trust is our lifeblood. For this essential creative discourse to happen in the most productive way, a deep and unshakeable trust must be inherent at the bedrock of the client/architect relationship. Without it, there’s no foundation for any dream to stand upon.