At Source Architects we love design and are especially passionate about houses. We specialise in residential architecture, from contemporary inner city homes, to grand country estates and heritage restorations. We focus on designing new builds (and some large-scale renovations) along with special commercial and public projects.

Established in 2013, we are a studio of 5 architects and interior designers based in Orange, with a reach extending across the east coast of Australia.

Our work is bespoke and carefully crafted. The goal is always to deliver beautiful, elegant and timeless spaces. Our architecture and interior design has integrity and depth. We work hard to resolve complex design issues and achieve a result that has clarity and is unencumbered.

Through cohesive landscapes and interiors we bring warmth and joy to each space. We deliver your entire project, from conception to completion, and work with you in a collaborative way to draw out the unique and personal traits that make your project uniquely yours.

“We love design, and pursuing design excellence in every project drives us and informs all aspects of our work



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Why work with Source Architects?

We get to know our clients.
All of our clients come to us with their own aspirations and motivations that drives them and their project. At Source Architects, brief development goes well beyond a list of rooms. We listen, and we get to know our clients, so we have a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations. This understanding forms the basis of a successful project.

We communicate
We love to talk. Simply, we view communication as vital to the success of a project. The relationship between architect and client is extremely important, and we place great significance on rapport and engaging on a personal level. Trust is our lifeblood. For this essential creative discourse to happen in the most productive way, a deep and unshakeable trust must be inherent at the bedrock of the client/architect relationship. Without it, there’s no foundation for any dream to stand.

We tell our clients story through design
No two projects are the same, as no two clients or sites are the same. Our understanding allows us to be in tune with our clients’ dreams and to reflect their personality and to tell their story through design.

We take away the worry and manage the risk
We take a wholistic approach to the management of projects. Wholistic Management sees us establish and nurture important project relationships with community, approval authorities, consultants and our trusted network of trades and craftspeople who all share in our desire to achieve an exceptional outcome. It also means shepherding your project through design stages, approvals, tendering, and construction while protecting your interests and ensuring the design vision is realised.

Embarking on a project inevitably has elements of worry and risk. Through our experience we have a deep understanding of the risks and identify project specific ones early on in so that these can be effectively managed.

| We have a tailored process that we guide you through to ensure that the decision-making process doesn’t become overwhelming.

| We have an excellent approval record and we work collaboratively with local councils, taking them on the journey and making them a part of the success of the project.

| We produce extremely thorough Construction Documents which ensures that all decisions are made before tendering or construction starts and provides greater certainty with regard to project costs and timing.

| We remain closely involved during the construction stage, generally providing full contract administration services, including inspections to ensure the quality is in line with the Contract Documents and the best outcome is achieved.

| We will always be straight with you regarding cost. We have a good understanding of the costs involved in building a bespoke project, and we work with an experienced Quantity Surveyor who has a deep understanding of the type of projects that we design. We keep an eye on cost throughout the whole process and commission detailed cost information at an early stage which ensures that everyone understands the cost to ensure the viability of the project. We believe that it is irresponsible to promise you the world, with a budget and design that are out of sync.