An obsession with process

Bringing a vision such as yours to life requires more than just a transactional working arrangement. We take you through a customized process that also stays true to the timeless principles of premium architectural design. Our relentless focus throughout is the care of our clients


The dream stage

We’ll create space to dream big together. We’re not looking for ‘reasonable’ here. This is where you relax enough to tell us what you really want (if petting the company dog helps you get in that zone, we’re happy to call Fritz over). It’s also where you’ll need to trust us enough to take your dream and run with it.

Schematic Design + 3d Modelling

The vision stage

This is where you get to ‘try it before you buy it’. Our goal here is to have you feel like you’re walking through the dream you never knew you had. Explore the views and stroll through your new place snapping your fingers and modifying things as needed

Development Application

The boring stage

We’re used to dealing with local councils and governmental agencies. This is where we create the reports and documentation that they need to stay happy and off your case so we can get your dream on the ground as soon as possible.

Detailed Design

The fun stage

Once the big-picture stuff is wrapped, we can get down to the details of the matter. This is where we talk knobs, color palettes, textures, floors, varnishes, and strategically positioning mirrors to show off your good side.


The negotiation stage

Tendering can take a number of forms and in many ways, how the works will be tendered will affect the level of documentation produced. Many of our projects are not tendered in the traditional competitive way, but rather a known builder is asked to prepare an estimate, and the price is negotiated. Competitive tendering is another option for certain project and site types. We can discuss this all further as the project progresses.


The crucial stage

Instead of just passing you off to a builder, we advocate for you throughout the process to make sure no corners are cut or mistakes are made. This can save you time, money, and heartache down the road should something go awry.