Sweet Sour Salt

Sweet Sour Salt is a well established and highly regarded modern Asian restaurant in Orange, NSW. Increased popularity demanded a bigger dining space be found with the decision made to move to a converted 1920’s house near the centre of town which had been used as a restaurant in various guises for a number of years but had sat empty for some time.

As part of the project, Source Architects opened up the dining spaces through strategic wall removal and re-structured the entry, dining and bar zones by re-directing the flow of patrons at the entry and re-locating the bar to the front of the building. Colour and graphics were a key focus, and an innovative low-cost lighting solution was designed that unifies the dining spaces.

The new spaces created have been received wonderfully by patrons with the restaurant quickly becoming a destination dining experience in the Central West.

Architecture, Interior Design, Styling

Builder | L-Con Building & Construction
Photos | Tom Ferguson

| Dulux National Colour Finalist – Commercial