Mc07 Apartments

The Mc07 Apartments are an adaptive reuse of an existing brick warehouse in Orange, NSW. The brief called for two apartments and a ground floor retail space, working within the existing distinctive red brick warehouse walls. This project represents a typology that is just starting to be explored in Orange, that of high-end multi-residential living.

The design is unique in its scale and level of finish and the apartments have been carefully sited to take advantage of views, aspect and the existing building fabric. Key elements are the custom black steel façade blades which run along both street frontages which provide privacy and sun protection, whilst also providing a distinctive, almost industrial visual identity to the development.

The scheme is quite different to the typical efficiencies-driven approach of metropolitan apartment design. In the Mc07 Apartments, great care has been taken to make a positive and valuable contribution to Orange’s streetscape and building stock.

Architecture, Interior Design, Styling

Renders | Pair Studio
Status     | Approved – Awaiting Construction