Oberon Farm Stay

New Residence

Source Architects were engaged to design a small 2 bedroom house for visitors on a truffiere farm at Oberon. The property enjoys extensive views and the farm stay was sited to capture these, while not interfering with the primary production use of the land.

This was initially a key element in the concept design was to hide the views on approach and then completely open up as you enter the site. The form of the building is a simple and traditional gable extrusion form. The southern rear of the building has been slightly tucked into the ground and cut at an angle making it barely visible on approach.

The internal material was approach from a very simple approach and use plywood in the kitchen and joinery to provide a subtle colour from natural materials.

Project Details

  • Location: Oberon, NSW
  • Services by Source Architects: Architecture, Interior Design, 3D modeling
  • Construction: Commenced May 2019