What We Do

As an architecture studio practicing in the country, the simple answer is We Do Everything! This is not just because we work in the country or because of what keeps us going (see ‘Why We Do It’) but because architecture and design is not something that can be put in a neat box. The skills and experience our team possess can be applied to any design problem, big or small. From designing a new bathroom through to designing a major public building, the principles are the same, and we apply the same considered thinking to every project we take on.

We have tried to squish our range of services under some catchy headings (see below) but in reality, we can’t think about architecture without thinking about interiors, and feasibility, and the approvals process, and everything else that goes along with a project of any scale.

We are proudly a full service studio who seeks to take projects from concept to completion, and to be a true partner to our clients. We know that the best Architecture does not spill out of the head of some architect sitting alone in a room, but is borne out of collaboration, communication and trust, between client and architect, architect and consultant and architect and builder.

Simply, we talk, we probe, we question, we explore, we do some sketches, we discuss, we critique, we do some more sketches, we talk a whole lot more and then we do it all again. In between all that we are making sure stakeholders are on board, neighbours are happy, budgets are met and the planners are satisfied. Ok, so it may not be simple, but we work to make it as simple for our clients as possible.



Our experience covers all building types including houses apartments, schools, public and commercial buildings and industrial projects. We are your partner from start to finish.



From a new bathroom or kitchen to a restaurant or office fitout - we are able to help. We offer full interior design and documentation services - right down to the cushions on your new couch.



Our team is skilled in distilling project objectives, engaging with stakeholders and developing considered and robust masterplanning solutions - whatever the project.


We provide a full range of Town Planning Services including the preparation of Development Applications, s96 Modifications, SSD Applications and Statements of Environmental Effects. We liaise closely with Councils prior to lodgement of applications and represent our clients at Council Meetings, Community Consultation Meetings and in the L&EC as well as providing advice regarding all planning matters.


Source Architects is experienced in undertaking Community and Stakeholder consultation. This takes the form of traditional face to face consultation, right through to community arts based consultation and the production of web applications for online and digital consultation and dissemination of project information.


Our experienced in-house interior designers provide colour consultation services, furniture and art selection and styling of residential and commercial properties. We even have a qualified furniture designer in house who can will design bespoke furniture for your special project.



Our team have considerable experience working with heritage buildings. We have a detailed knowledge of approval pathways and a sophisticated approach to working with heritage



Don't need a new wing on the castle, but you need some help picking colours, putting in some storage or understanding the potential a property holds?
We can help.



We are experienced in providing advice on site selection and site potential and work closely with stakeholders and financial consultants to report on the site and project feasibility.

Why We Do It

Why does anyone do anything? Love.

We are a bit fond of architecture and despite the stresses and challenges, creating spaces that people love and where they live their lives is what gets us out of bed each day. We love thinking through problems and rising to a challenge

We believe architecture is for everyone and can believe we can make a contribution at all scales.