A favourite architect of ours, Aldo Van Eyck of The Netherlands, implored his students to ‘walk barefoot along the seas edge, tramping the firm sand as it is constantly moistened by the withdrawing and returning eddies, a space neither sea nor land, where neither zone draws you, where you accept the pleasure of the ‘in-between’.

The notion of ambiguous ‘in-between’ spaces holds enormous potential in architecture and is a device used widely. The Australian verandah is a great example – a welcoming threshold where you are neither indoors or outdoors, public or private – a space which facilitates the chaos and diversity of life – a space where strangers are welcomed and friendships made. There is great pleasure to be found in these ambiguous spaces.

This new project in Orange is all about threshold and the in-between. A series of indoor/outdoor spaces are strung along the northern side of the house – spaces framed by oversized portals and operable screens to allow control over privacy and sun.

Project Details

Client: Private

Date: 2014

Interior Design