The Hartwood House is an extensive new private residence on a rural site overlooking Mt Pleasant near Bathurst.
The house is designed for a large young active family and provides a number of different living and recreation areas to cater for various active and passive uses while providing generous entertaining areas both inside and outside.
The primary living spaces are clustered along the northern edge of the home and enjoy the view of the property and beyond through floor to ceiling glazing. Bedrooms and service spaces are arranged around the eastern edge of the house with service and garaging space positioned on the south west side of the house to act as a buffer to the unfavourable weather from the SW.
The house employs floor to ceiling glazing, stone, timber and concrete to provide a contemporary yet warm home that will grow and age gracefully with the family.
The Hartwood House commenced construction in July 2016 and will be complete early in 2017

Project Details

Client: Private

Date: 2016

Interior Design