The Deerubbin Weekend Conference was a great success and attracted 100 participants from across Australia and New Zealand, (one of which was our very own Sally Sutherland) and a few international visitors, for the 3 day residential program. Excellent speakers, very nice crowd of people, all good spirit. The presentations were very inspirational and there has been nothing but positive feedback.

The theme of the conference was ‘Trace de la Main’ – the trace of the hand – words taken from the book ‘An Engineer Imagines’, by Peter Rice, brilliant engineer, written shortly before his premature death with cancer, who worked on Sydney Opera House with Arup Engineers, and went on to be a key design team member on the Pompidou Centre, the Pavilion of the Future at Seville Expo and Renzo Piano’s Menil Museum.

Sally enjoyed the weekend immensely and sends her heartfelt thanks to all the speakers, other participants and Lindsay and Su Johnston from Ozetecture for making it all possible. (www.ozetecture.org)

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Posted: 14/09/2014


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