Sally Sutherland will be attending the Deerubbin Symposium this weekend at Milsons Island on the Hawkesbury River. It is billed as a weekend of Good Architecture and Good People, and with speakers including Niall McLaughlin, Sofie Willems, Ian Athfield, Kerry & Lindsay Clare, Michael Heenan, Rachel Neeson, Richard Leplastier and Peter Stutchbury, (some of the best Australian Architects) it will certainly be a great time.

There are a few non-aussies among the speakers, including Niall McLaughlin who caught David’s attention last year when he was designing the St Andrew’s College Masterplan. Niall had recently completed the Bishop King Edward Chapel at Oxford and it came up as part of a study of colleges around the world. It is simply a beautiful building. Words don’t do it justice – the pictures say it all.

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Posted: 14/09/2014


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